Twitter For Dogs? You’re Kidding Right? Not!!

This is such a true story. CNN ran this last week about these collar tags that allow you to get Tweets from your pet.  Only in America would someone come up with something like a device that allows you to get pre-written Tweets based on what your dog is currently doing.  Here’s the CNN article … Continue reading

Are YOU A Savvy Networker?

Guest post by Bonnie Ross-Parker of The Joy of Connecting Handing out business cards is NOT networking…It is only a cardboard connection! Effective connectors are eager to give away their resources, expertise, contacts information, phone numbers, and ideas. Think about YOUR contacts and areas of expertise and be willing to share their value with others.  … Continue reading

Who’s Watching Your House Now Twitter User?

Here’s an article from CNN’s Website this morning. As I read this about the fact that he was at the Red Cross I just had to chuckle. He told the world in that little Tweet that he wasn’t at home. Perfect opportunity for burglers to get in there and rob the White House. LOL!!! Never Tweet … Continue reading

Do You Value Your Company? Do You Really?

In light of times like we’ve been through it’s easy to see why so many companies have been pushing major sales promotions – a. to move product and inventory to prepare for new and b. to just make the sale. While this is not typically a bad thing, and something most businesses do regularly, it … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolution: Surf Responsibly

Happy New Year loyal readers and followers! It’s not only a new year, of course – it’s the beginning of a new decade!  And, having had some spare time recently, I set myself to thinking about what this decade might be remembered for with regards to business technology. Amongst other things, the “noughties” will be remembered for the rise … Continue reading

Ten Definitive Ways to Succeed at Networking

Learning The Skills To Be An Extra-Ordinary Connector Guest post by Bonnie Ross Parker of The Joy of  Connecting How long does it take to establish a relationship? There is no set answer, but it takes time! Your success will grow relative to how much time you’re willing to invest. 1. Be a consistent participant. … Continue reading

But Wait!!! How Much Would You Pay?

I have a new client. He’s had his domain name 2 days. He got a call from a Web optimization company, saying for the low low price of only $58 per MONTH they would make his domain information private so he didn’t get spammed or sales calls. LOL!!! GoDaddy offers the ability to make your domain name name … Continue reading

The Quick Connection – Effective Connecting for Effective Results

A guest post by Bonnie Ross-Parker CEO/Founder – The Joy of Connecting It’s a new year and a time when business owners become re-invigorated about going out and growing their business.  In fact, January is National Networking Month, so we decided to tap a friend and respected Networking/Connecting expert Bonnie Ross Parker to provide some … Continue reading