Ten Definitive Ways to Succeed at Networking

Learning The Skills To Be An Extra-Ordinary Connector
Guest post by Bonnie Ross Parker of The Joy of  Connecting

How long does it take to establish a relationship? There is no set answer, but it takes time! Your success will grow relative to how much time you’re willing to invest.

1. Be a consistent participant.

2. Go to every event PREPARED…Cards are a must. Bring your address book/palm pilot as well in order to GIVE leads.

3. Trust and understanding build over time – participate often so members recognize you as a player.

4. Follow up with people you meet for whom the value of getting together is MUTUALLY beneficial.

5. The contacts you make at any event may or may not produce a sale. Every contact, however, can provide a new relationship for the future.

6. Find a niche where you can devote your time and expertise. Why join anything if you are not viewed as a leader or participant? Be ACTIVE.

7. Give FIRST….you will benefit from the results.

8. Connecting is NOT about keeping score. You’ll receive payment in ways you might not expect. It’s all about accessibility to others.

9. It’s easy to sense DESPERATION! Being too eager or aggressive will not get you the results you want and can actual damage your reputation.

10. Create LONG LASTING relationships for long term personal and professional success!

Building a successful network is worth time, consistency and commitment.

Bonnie Ross-Parker
Professional Speaker & Author
Walk In My Boots ~ The Joy of Connecting
Y.O.U. Set A High Standard For Being Human



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