New Year’s Resolution: Surf Responsibly

Happy New Year loyal readers and followers!

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It’s not only a new year, of course – it’s the beginning of a new decade!  And, having had some spare time recently, I set myself to thinking about what this decade might be remembered for with regards to business technology.

Amongst other things, the “noughties” will be remembered for the rise and rise of online social media.  From MySpace to Facebook, Youtube and Twitter – it was all about getting information out there, connecting with other people and trying to figure out if and how businesses could tap in to it (often without even a thought of ROI!)

In light of this self promotion, self publishing, media sharing free for all, it makes sense to me that early in this new decade we’ll see some serious investments in securing social media.  Businesses will build stronger policies around the usage of online social media and individuals will take greater ownership and responsibility of their information online.  So perhaps the ‘tensies’ might be remembered for a revolution in online privacy and security.

Along this theme was an excellent post I came across by Ken Denmead on his ‘Geekdad’ blog, ‘Five New Year’s Resolutions for the Responsible Internet User’.

Ken’s five points are food-for-thought for any regular internet user and also gives an indication to small business owners about what they’re up against when it comes to protecting important information, reputation and privacy.

My favourite line from the article:

“Silly photos of activities that fall under the “seemed like a good idea at the time” may come back to haunt you.”

Oh, how true it is 🙂

Clayton Moulynox
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