Why Doesn’t My Web Developer Call Me Back?

web-developer-of-oneI have this discussion almost on a daily basis. People really liked their Web developer when he/she first built their Website a few years back. Since then though it’s been a constant up hill battle to get updates done to their site. Why is that, they ask?

It’s really a pretty simple business reason. Web development companies of one (meaning the Web Developer is the entire company), Web development companies of one, only really make money on “New”  Web sites. And, they can really only work on three Web sites at a time.  (There’s only so many hours in a day, and it takes time to make a good Website.)

So they go out get a few clients, then a few more, then a few more.  Suddenly, they have about 30 clients and are working on the next  “New” three. You, the older existing client, now want some stuff done to your site. About the same time, another couple more existing clients want something done to their sites as well. The Web developer of one is now stuck.

They have to be working on the next “New” three because the mortgage and car payment is due. But, they have this friendship with you when they were working on your site. So, who gets bumped to the bottom of the priority list. Unfortunately for you, that’s you. The Web developer counts on that initial friendship with you to give them some slack in the timeliness of your updates.

Unfortunately, that slack time keeps getting longer and longer.

The moral of the story is, really really evaluate not only the person you are hiring to do your Website, but their business structure and ability to support you in the long term. Trust is fine, but the reality is they can only work on three sites at time.

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5 Responses to “Why Doesn’t My Web Developer Call Me Back?”
  1. These are all valid points. Yes, the real money for us independant web designers is with new clients. And after being a Seattle web designer for 11 years I’ve encountered this situation a lot.

    I do try very hard to complete the client updates quickly. However, the clients themselves play a role in how fast their updates get done. Some clients are just not good at conveying what they need, which unfortunately means that their stuff becomes lower priority. Here are a couple scenarios:

    Client A needs the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs replaced on page X of their web site. They send me clear, concise text and say “On page X please replace the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs with the attached text.”

    Client B has the exact same scenario. But they send me a scan of some scribbled handwritten text. Their email says “Please replace this text on the page that has the picture of the girl…you know, the one that’s wearing the orange blouse.”

    Obviously, Client A gets their updates done faster. For Client B, I have to flip through all the pages of their site looking for a girl with an orange blouse, then manually type in the text. Plus, there’s no instruction on whether the new text replaces all of the text on that page, or just a couple paragraphs. So we end up tossing 15 emails back and forth for what should be a 2 minute update. A lot of time is used up and then the client wonders why they get charged so much for such a small change to their website. And the fact is, for Scenario A, I probably wouldn’t charge anything.

    So, unfortunately, yes, *some* clients’ updates may get pushed further down the list. It’s all about good communication.

  2. Yener Adal says:

    Hi there,

    I believe your article is accurate to a degree however I believe there’s another way.

    I encourage my clients to take a maintenance plan with us once the website is complete.

    This reduces the need for having to fill all our time with “new clients” and then we have the capacity to provide our existing clients a high level of customer service.

    It becomes a Win-Win. Your clients get the changes they want and we all know it’s easier to keep your existing clients than constantly trying to find new ones.


    Yener Adal

  3. leningmoses says:

    You are absolutely right. I had lot of problems with my web developer for maintaining my web site. So I had to switch to http://www.TurnkeyWebworks.com . The Turnkey Website is the fastest and easiest way to get your small business on the web. No technical skills are required and no webmaster is required!

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