So do you Bing? Do Others?

bingFirst off, let me explain what Bing is? Bing is the third largest search engine out there. Number 1 is Google, number 2 is Yahoo, and then comes Bing. Bing used to be called MSN Search, but Microsoft wanted to shake up the name and establish a better search engine brand so they upgraded the MSN search engine and renamed it Bing.
How’s Bing doing in relation to the Google and Yahoo? Well, last week 72% of Americans searched using Google, 14.5% used Yahoo, and about 9.5% used Bing. These percentages have been holding steady for about a year now.
Search Google for “Life in New York” and you will find Websites the have the terms “Life in New York” in them. Search the same term in Bing and you will get Apartment and Restaurant results. Bing wants to interpret what you type in and provide results based on it’s interpretation. Google just tries to find matches. Which one is better?
Well, if I’m looking for a plumber in Olathe I’m definately going to use Google. If I want to know something fun to do this Saturday in Olathe I’d probably use Bing.
If you’re a small business wanting to show up in a search engine I suggest you always focus first on Google (72%) But think about how you might take advantage of a more nebulas approach to getting noticed on the Internet with Bing.
Chris Nastav, KC Web Specialists, LLC.
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One Response to “So do you Bing? Do Others?”
  1. Juegos says:

    For the moment Bing is not good enough to compete with Google.

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