Need Funding? Story Offers Hope, Ideas for Entrepreneurs

So, you have an idea or you are looking to expand your business but banks aren’t favorable to lending….anything at the moment and you could mortgage yourself to the hilt, and most entrepreneurs do – the risk is worth it, right? Have no fear!   You can get funding without appealing, or begging, VC’s or angel … Continue reading

Social Media Consulting Company’s Use Scare Tactic Marketing??

Are you considering hiring an online social media consulting company for your business? Before you do, evaluate how they are approaching you about their services. Are they trying to scare you into buying their services? Here are a few questions to consider when evaluating online social media consulting companies. 1. Are they using scare tactic … Continue reading

Your Personal Brand is Part of Business Brand

I find myself having to tell clients all the time that when it comes to your business and public relations (the story) that you are your company. Most people feel that their business, product or service should speak for itself, but in today’s world it’s just not enough.  Besides media liking the story behind your … Continue reading

Born to be a Billionaire?

From Forbes, Helen Coster, 03.11.10, It takes more than smarts. Here is an honest guide for assessing your ability to go big. Fifty-three billion smackers. That’s how much telecom tycoon Carlos Slim Helu, the wealthiest human on the planet, is worth by Forbes’ latest exhaustive count. (Actually, the tally was $53.5 billion–when you’re dealing in … Continue reading

KC Web Specialists Nominated for Award

Great News!!! KC Web Specialists was nominated for the KC KS 2010 New Small Business of the Year Award. Stay Tuned for More Details.

Does Your Website Support Your Sales Staff?

They’re out there on a daily basis, toiling the phones, beating the street, flying the skies, meeting and greeting, chasing the buck, etc, etc.  How well does your Website support sales representatives needs? Have you asked them lately what do they think of your Company site? One simple thing like a photo gallery of updated products … Continue reading

Great Vlog for DIY PR

I’ve been following Seth Odell for awhile and have really come to love his vlog, As Media Changes.  He does a great job at providing valuable information in a hip format (it’s not just a talking head for three minutes, but cleverly edited to keep you engaged).  I highly suggest you all follow his vlog … Continue reading