Born to be a Billionaire?

From Forbes, Helen Coster, 03.11.10,

It takes more than smarts. Here is an honest guide for assessing your ability to go big.

Fifty-three billion smackers. That’s how much telecom tycoon Carlos Slim Helu, the wealthiest human on the planet, is worth by Forbes’ latest exhaustive count. (Actually, the tally was $53.5 billion–when you’re dealing in 10 digits, every decimal place counts.)

Those kinds of numbers can’t help but make you think: What exactly does it take to amass that kind of wealth? More important, do you have it?

13 questions to ask yourself before giving up the regular paycheck and benefits to gamble for billions.

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One Response to “Born to be a Billionaire?”
  1. Less than six months later and he’s estimated to be worth around $74 billion. But that kind of money’s easy to come by when you own a mobile phone network. Once youve paid for the infrasctructure, the running costs are negligible.

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