Social Media Consulting Company’s Use Scare Tactic Marketing??

Are you considering hiring an online social media consulting company for your business? Before you do, evaluate how they are approaching you about their services. Are they trying to scare you into buying their services? Here are a few questions to consider when evaluating online social media consulting companies.

kansas-city-SEO1. Are they using scare tactic marketing? Go to their Website. Does it have statements on it like.. “You must be using online social media or you will become irrelevant and go out of business.” Folks, it’s one thing to tell people about hot new trends in advertising. It’s another thing to tell people they must use them or else they’re going to go out of business.  Stay away from companies that are trying to scare you into buying their services. Are you doing television advertising? Why not? A ton of people watch TV? Are you doing radio advertising? Why not? Magazine advertising? etc, etc?

2. How does your potential customer pick a company that provides the type of service your company provides? A good social online media company will not just come charging in and sell you a Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter set up. They should first work with you and determine what tools your potential clients are using and market towards those tools.

3. Measurements? As with all forms of advertising, are you measuring the success of your efforts. Online social media is notorious for being usable to get good ROI numbers. Most consulting companies will just tell you that you need to be doing it and you’ll over time get a good feeling that something is working out there.  Just say NO!!! Tell them that you want specific measurement tactics so you can determine how many clients you’re getting out of their efforts for you.

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One Response to “Social Media Consulting Company’s Use Scare Tactic Marketing??”
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