Need Funding? Story Offers Hope, Ideas for Entrepreneurs

So, you have an idea or you are looking to expand your business but banks aren’t favorable to lending….anything at the moment and you could mortgage yourself to the hilt, and most entrepreneurs do – the risk is worth it, right?

Have no fear!   You can get funding without appealing, or begging, VC’s or angel investors.  There are organizations, and even individuals, out there willing to lend you money whether it’s $50 or $15,000, but you have to think outside the box.

This great CNNMoney story will turn your frustrations into hope when it comes to funding your new business concept/idea or grow an existing business.  Corporate banks might not believe in small business but these organizations (many made up of individual investors) do believe and they’re helping businesses just like yours take off!

There are plenty of options out there….go find them.  They’re waiting for you!

Where to get startup cash now
By Tina Peng, contributing writer, March 24, 2010

Bank credit is scarce and investors are skittish, but that didn’t stop these 6 startups. They found creative ways to raise cash during the downturn.


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