PR Stunts: The Great, Good and Really Ugly

What is one of the most affordable and effective ways to drive PR? Create and implementing a “stunt”. The stunt has been used by companies big and small to generate publicity and the more creative the better. However…before you decide to run down the street wearing nothing but your company logo…..much consideration needs to be … Continue reading

How Do I Get More People To My Website?

How can you get more people to your Website? As always I like to keep my answers simple…. The best way to get more people to your Website is to spend time or money getting them there. Sorry, but there’s no magic to it. Just create a detailed plan of how you are going to … Continue reading

Delivering Bad News to Employees Requires Delicate Touch

This has been a year of layoffs and cut backs in businesses of every size.  It’s never easy and even harder to find the right way to communicate to your employees what’s happening with the company. Here’s a great article on how to deliver bad news to your employees with delicacy and an attention to … Continue reading

Tax Provision Helps Small Business in 2009 Filing

Guest post by Alan Olsen is Managing Partner of Greenstein, Rogoff, Olsen & Co. LLP (GROCO®), edited by Jennifer Fortney Ugh, it’s tax time. The brutal reality that each year makes us hopefully say “it will be better next year” and then next year comes…quite quickly. I am, personally, thankful that 2009 is over and … Continue reading