Social Media for Business – Thoughts Confirmation

I recently had the opportunity to speak to a networking group about how small businesses should use social media. I spent a couple weeks thinking about what I was going to present, the topics that I was going to cover, and most importantly I wanted this not to be your typical “here’s how you use Facebook and Twitter” presentation. I put together an outline and gave lots of thought to providing a positive but realistic spin on the whole use of social media for small business.

I gave the presentation and received great positive feedback.

Now here’s the amazing thing. About a day after the presentation I got an email from Constant Contact talking about new functionality, and a couple presentations they are offering about social media for small business.

OMG!! Their outline and topics were exactly the same as mine!! Now I’m not suggesting they stole my presentation. Their stuff I’m sure was worked over for months before they put it out there for people to view and learn. But, I feel so vindicated that a large national company had the exact same set of advice and assistance and topics that I came up with. Almost made me feel somewhat like an expert 🙂

Here’s a link to their materials. I’m going to work on my formatting and then hang my presentation on my Web site as well.

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