Women – Time to Take The Plunge

There are more women entrepreneurs in the U.S. today than ever before, but until the recent worldwide financial crisis, it was still a different set of rules for women than for men. Can women entrepreneurs come out of the global recession having reset those rules? Absolutely!

Before the onset of this economic breakdown, women entrepreneurs in general began their business with less funding, fewer resources and mentors, and less reliable suppliers. In truth, women began their businesses with less of everything but vision and drive. They were diving in from the lower board while their male counterparts lined up at the high dive. While the world picks itself up and dusts itself off from the collapse, women can use this recovery time to take a place in the high-dive line!

Historically women have received less initial funding for their businesses. On the flip side, they ask for initial funding less often than men. Women are trying to fund their start-ups from their own savings or from the investing of a small group of relatives and friends. Consequently, women begin their businesses on a smaller scale and with less of a financial cushion than men. Female entrepreneurs need to learn the how, where and whom of the initial funding mechanisms. How does she ask for money? Where does she go and who has the money necessary?

While women may have fewer traditional resources than male entrepreneurs in starting their businesses, they bring new resources to the table. Creative business models, new ways of networking and the ability to manage multiple projects are some of the talents women bring to the entrepreneurial world. They may have fewer contacts at the bank or less time for martini lunches, but they do have contacts in the community and the talent of carving time out of busy schedules for their business needs.

The leveling of the economic and entrepreneurial field wrought by the financial meltdown has provided the perfect opportunity that the female entrepreneur needs to pounce on. Associations and networks should be rewriting the rules and teaching the woman entrepreneur about finding investors, establishing advisory boards and how to showcase the unique attributes of women in the marketplace.

The entrepreneurial woman is empowered, enlightened and enterprising. She exudes energy, enthusiasm and confidence. She has embarked on a journey and created a mission only she can fulfill. She’s a risk taker. She connects. She collaborates. She gives back. She deserves success and takes pride in her accomplishments. She sets the standard of excellence in all that she does and in all that she is. She endures.

The entrepreneurial woman is unstoppable. She does it all. Creates. Markets. Promotes and shares resources. She supports other like-minded individuals with her ideas, time and talent.

It requires courage to be an entrepreneurial woman in today’s competitive marketplace. There’s no fall back. No pay check. No employee benefits. No paid vacations. It’s her, her products and/or services, vying for consumers in an already established economic environment. It’s possessing the fortitude to differentiate yourself from everyone else by finding a unique way to be memorable.

It serves all of us when we pay attention to and support the entrepreneurial woman economically. She takes her tasks seriously, often over delivers and shows us what is possible by her example. If you are an entrepreneurial woman, congratulations! If you are considering “stepping out on your own”, go for it. You will find individuals eager to support you, your talent and ideas. The time is now. Take the plunge, make a huge splash and create the future of your choice.

Bonnie Ross-Parker, CEO/Founder of The Joy of Connecting® – a non-membership platform for the entrepreneurial woman. www.TheJoyofConnecting.com
Reach Bonnie at: bootgirl@TheJOYofConnecting.com
Her blog: www.BonnieRossParker.com/blog


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