Don’t Sell. Train Customers to Buy

One of the great things we all love about social media at Small Business Daily is it’s ability to quickly deliver the latest information.  Information that we can easily deliver back to our readers.  Amongst other things, it helps us stay in touch with what friends and colleagues are up to.

This article by Robert Bilotti (a friend) of Novita in Chicago was sent via LinkedIn and such valuable information that it just had to be posted.

In it he discusses how after evaluating their sales process they decided to stop the traditional way of selling services and begin to train their customers on the company, provide education and information.  It’s worked and they not only found a niche but more customers.

What does this mean for you?  Well, many experts say that the traditional way of selling is dying.  The Internet has provided a new way to sell your products, service and company brand to a broader audience, producing potential customers you might not have reached any other way.  The plus…it’s more affordable than traveling around the country knocking on doors.  A great read for anyone who needs to inspire their sales process.

I Stopped Selling to My Customers — and Started Training Them to Buy

By Robert Bilotti, Managing director, Novita, Chicago
June 17th, 2010 @ 9:00 am

Like most business owners, I’m passionate. I can even be kind of in-your-face. I think my company does great work for a great value, and I want to tell customers, “You should be using us!” Problem is, they don’t always appreciate the direct sales pitch.

We used to rely solely on email marketing, trade shows, networking, cold calls and direct mail to market our employee training services. But a few years ago, we realized that those tactics just weren’t grabbing our customers.

It was time to take a bit of our own medicine. We help companies educate their employees, so why not educate our potential customers? After all, big companies do it. For example, Apple has classes on how to use their products; Whole Foods gives free cooking demonstrations. People love free stuff. And then these companies structure their presentation so customers think they can’t live without the products in the demo.

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