Would Your Facebook Friends Burglarize Your Home?

You hear it on a daily basis, “Don’t reveal too much personal information in Facebook”. “Don’t tell people when you are not at home.”

Check out this CNN story about a couple that was burglarized by one of their Facebook friends while they were at a concert. A concert they had just posted on Facebook that they were leaving to go see.

CNN Story About Facebook Burglary

Do you have a business Facebook Fan Page? Do you run a home based business? Do you tell all your Facebook friends that you are going to be at that big trade show in LasVegas this upcoming weekend? Do you suggest things in your postings that would lead people to know that you have a huge inventory of valuable items currently on hand?

What makes this an issue for business owners, is that we are always trying to accept every possible friend request that comes our way so that we can build up our network. Many of these people we accept as friends we don’t really know, do we? Or they are friends of friends of friends. (Of course, none of my friends would do something like this would you? LOL!)

Be very very careful how much information you are putting out there in Facebook.

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