Ten Ways to Make “Some” Potential Customers Hate Your Website

As most of you know I have some pretty strong opinions about what should or should not go on a Website. But you know what? The only opinion that really matters, is what you the business owner of the Website want. Correct?

Well actually, no!

The only opinions that really matter, are what your potential customers think of your Website.

While the title of this article says “Ten ways”, the reality is that each and every one of your potential customers has their own opinion about what they want from your Website and what makes up a stinky site.

The trick of course is to try and not smell too bad to most of them.

Here are some sure fire ways to make “some” potential customers turn their noses up at your Website:

1. Don’t have your phone number at the top of your Website.
2. Don’t have any easy to scan paragraph headings on your homepage.
3. Assume every potential customer likes Websites designed the same way you do.
4. Put non-professional grade images on your Website.
5. Have links that open huge PDF files in the same Window as your Website.
6. Make your contact information really tiny, and stick it on the bottom of the page.
7. Don’t put an email address on your Website.
8. Have that intro movie page come up when they first come to your site. (you know the one that has that “skip intro” link at the bottom of it.
9. Have a different menu structure on the home page than the rest of your pages.
10. Have your menus make Quirky sounds when you roll your mouse over them.

So, the key word in all of this is “Some”. Some of your potential customers won’t like the things above. Some really won’t mind. Your choice of course is to have an attitude of Take-It-Or-Leave-It with your Website.

Or, you can do some simple Website design edits to make a potential customer’s experience on your Website, one that they will truly enjoy.

Chris Nastav, KC Web Specialists, LLC.  http://www.kcwebspecialists.com
Experts in how business gets done on the Internet (913) 908.5642


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