You Know You’re Busy When…The Economy is Picking Up

Well, you can fill in the blank here, but I think it’s clearly evident that, for us, at Cascade we’ve just been super busy! Hence the incredulous amount of time between blog posts. I call it pathetic but one of my Specialists says “you can’t hold all the balls in the air all of the time”. She’s very smart and that’s why she works for me.

It’s so exciting to see all of the new things happening in the world of small business and entrepreneurism today. It’s almost crazy that while the country is still talking about economic woes, that thousands of people, if not millions, are out there starting businesses, generating new ideas and bringing them to life. They aren’t sitting back as a number in a very competitive job market. They’re taking matters into their own hands and often finding success in the things they love to do most in life. It really is very exciting!

For instance, my two neighbors were laid off over two years ago and have been looking for positions ever since. They both got fed up earlier this year, signed on to and launched a virtual assistant and dog walking business in a matter of a few hours. Both are going very well.

Another friend took what he learned from his last company and came up with a new software program that will blow the socks off the trading industry. He didn’t sit around too long licking his wounds, he contacted some people he’d met and built a coalition of folks who believe so much in his new software and company concept that they’re essentially working in trade, or free, to help get it off the ground. That’s the power of entrepreneurs and it’s one thing that I will say about us…we’re a pretty powerful group of support and resources. And, you should never be afraid to ask for help.

If you need something to get your business off the ground and running, put the word out. I know one thing: you have no idea who someone else knows!

This week I caught up with a friend who runs a large VC/Angel Investor group in the Chicagoland area and he said that their group is busier now than they have been in some time. This means that not only are people starting businesses, but that people are investing in them. They believe in and know that small businesses are powerful entities when it comes to potential job creation and….wealth. Not just for themselves but for the individuals, and they’re willing to have a slice of the pie to ensure that business owners (and starters) are successful in achieving their goals.

Last week I ran into a friend from the Small business Administration in Chicago and said:

Me: “You know I’ve been seeing the SBA plaster Twitter with information on small business loans, and it’s been going on for months. Are people just unaware of the availability?”

Her: “Girl (I love this about her)…you have no idea. We have money to give and people just aren’t applying. It’s crazy!”

Me: “Geesh, the SBA used to be the first place people went for small biz funding. What’s up with that?”

Her: “Seems a lot of people are getting more knowledge on investors and are either finding VC or Angel funding, or they’re getting their families to invest. Can you believe we have money to give away and we’re competing for businesses to give it to? Girl….it’s crazy!”

So, if you needed some inspiration, a ray of hope or a boost to let you know that things are headed in the right direction – up -then this is it. I’m giving it to you.

Now, go, conquer and succeed!


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