Press Release Mistakes Destroy Opportunities

In Journalism school I was taught that, like a resume, even one misspelling could cause an editor to trash your press release.  Good writing makes a huge impact on your ability to achieve PR.  Mistakes make you look unprofessional and too busy to care.  Take heed and avoid these mistakes:

Top 25 grammar and language mistakes
By Daphne Gray-Gran, 11/8/10

Are you guilty of making any of these prevalent spelling, word usage or punctuation flubs?

My mother was from the East Coast, and she had a bevy of funny expressions. A short person was “two jam-pots high.” No one was ever just big; he or she was “great big huge.” But my favorite expression was, “Wouldn’t that just rot your socks?” It expressed good-humored annoyance with something or someone (often me!).

One of the things that rots my socks is the misuse of the English language. I’m no grammar zealot and I’ve been known to make my own mistakes (usually the result of poor proofreading), but at least I care about words. While it’s true that corporate communicators need to aim at colloquial language—we don’t want to be so colloquial that we assault our readers’ eyes with errors. Here are 25 of the most common ones you should watch out for:

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3 Responses to “Press Release Mistakes Destroy Opportunities”
  1. Thanks for the link. There’s some good information there.

  2. Jay Ehret says:

    Your “read more” link goes to a sales page and not an article.

  3. smallbizexperts says:

    Thanks, Jay. It’s been corrected!

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