Google Has Changed Again! Why?????

Well folks, looks like Google has decided to tinker around with their search results screen. Again!!!


Apparently they are not making enough money (all employees got a 10% raise and $1,000 bonus). What they felt they needed to do was make the sponsored link or Pay Per Click areas even more prominently displayed.


Before The Change


After The Change 


What’s interesting is that Google didn’t actually give the ads more space. But, what they did was move the local business map to the right side of the screen and make the map addresses look more like Pay Per Click Ads. 

So now, instead of the consumer ignoring the top of the page ads and possibly the map, Google has made the local map links blend in more with the top of the page sponsored links. I’m thinking they want us to click the ads more.

 The regular organic results are now actually even farther down the bottom of the first page in Google and most have been shoved to the second page.   

Google swears in their blogs and forums that the organic search results are most important to showing up in the local business maps. All of this is still shaking out in the Web development community as we struggle to get our hands on this latest and “greatest” change from Google.

I should have a lot more on this by this upcoming Friday, November 19th, at the KC SHBC Expo in downtown Olathe, where I will be speaking about how to make Google love your Website.

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