Media’s Feelings About PR Effect Small Biz DIYers

Over the years, I’ve heard over and over the conversation about how journalists hate PR professionals, and essentially anyone calling to pitch their story. It’s enough to leave a novice PR pro shaking in their boots to call media.

I, personally, have never had a problem because I worked in the media.  I know what it’s like to get 100 phone calls in a day with someone pitching their story – most of them terrible and easy to say goodbye to. Respect is the number one factor and small businesses can learn something from this article.

Of course, it would be ideal if media contacted us directly, and sometimes they do, but the reality is that they just don’t have the time to look at everything and that’s when follow up is key.

For many small businesses, you are out there trying to conduct PR on your own because you know it can help grow your business and then you’ll consider outsourcing it to a professional.  If you read this blog regularly, you know the key components to forming your story, a REAL story.  In PR it’s all about your story and it better be good, but while you’re busy writing your press release and making a media list, take these into account.  I guarantee it will help you be more successful in achieving positive press for your business.

My suggestions for better media relations:

1. Always be smile when pitching media.  It comes through the phone!

2. Ask if they have a brief minute before going into your pitch

3. Keep your pitch SHORT.  If you can’t get it in 30 seconds, then rewrite it until you can. You want to interest them to ask for an email and actually be on the look out

4. Of course, know your target editors and publications and craft your story to them

5. Read through the publication online.  Look for other articles by that editor to get a feel for what they’re looking for

6. Sizzling Subject Line: This is the first time most media will see your info, so make it sizzle (truthful) enough to entice them to open the email

7. Consider media a good friend.  They aren’t, after all, terrible people, just busy.  I can’t tell you how my friendly-I’ve-know-you-forever-attitude has ended up in conversations with media that steer away from my client’s pitch.  In the end, they’ve remembered me and often turns their interest towards the story.  Plus, they trust me as a good source for news and information.

What are your DIY PR success stories with media?

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