New Site Offers All-in-1 Online Marketing, Long-term Branding

These days everyone is on the coupon-Groupon kick.  “Daily Deals” are about as prevalent as websites on the web.  Where there is a site or news site, there are daily bargains to be had, and in a tough economy that means great things for consumers.

While companies, especially small businesses, may be getting BIG time exposure, are customers really becoming loyal or are they just shopping for the best deal?  More over, if your company participates in a “Daily Deal”, how you follow up with your marketing, and audience, afterwards can determine whether that one-time brand awarness lasts for a day or longer.

Recently I was introduced to a new kind of online marketing resource for small businesses – – and it’s coming to a town near you soon.  The site, itself, is geared towards consumers who are encouraged to search, shop and save locally.  Consumers can easily make it their home page, use it as their primary resource on all things local, print off, or receive by text,  coupons from local businesses.  The idea – to build ongoing communications  and loyalty, and encourage people to shop locally whether you live in a city neighborhood or suburb.  Imagine one place where you can make dinner reservations, buy tickets to a show and hire a babysitter.  That’s just one of many examples Phil Hollrah of Locallife Chicago offered.

For small businesses it’s a one-stop-shop for online marketing offering a suite of unique tools from advertising and database to promotion creation and message delivery through SMS/mobile text.  You don’t have to wait for a customer services or advertising representative to set up your online marketing/advertising with  In fact, a boutique could decide to have a major sale tomorrow.  They can log in, create the promotion and send it out to their customers by text in a matter of minutes!

“The purpose of Locallife is two-fold. One, provide businesses with the presence they need in today’s online world and equip them with affordable, easy to use outbound marketing tools to help them grow and insulate their customer base,” said Steve Lorenc, President of Locallife Chicago.  “Two, to provide consumers with a one-stop resource to discover and find businesses in their local area that are relevant to them, while providing access to deals and savings.”

Locallife’s complete and affordable marketing packages including premium directory listings, full-service custom web design, text and email marketing, database marketing, coupon and special offer authoring, social media marketing and networking events with other local businesses.  And if you’re in the market to buy into a business, Locallife is a franchise, originally out of the U.K., with opportunities in markets across the U.S.

One Response to “New Site Offers All-in-1 Online Marketing, Long-term Branding”
  1. Online marketing gives you the much broader market than any cemented or concrete business. Online marketing is perfect because it flattens the field for all players big or small.

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