Two Debate Social Media Relevance

During this week’s Webby Debate, Wine Library TV’s Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) and TechCrunch columnist Paul Carr (@paulcarr) went toe to toe on the value of social media.

Carr, who famously quit Twitter and Facebook in August, criticized networks like Twitter for cluttering the Web with inane chatter and giving users false hope in becoming a marketing sensation. “Everyone wants to create their own personal brand,” he said. “The fact is, you’re not going to be famous just because you like the Smurfs, unless you’ve created the Smurfs.”

Vaynerchuk disagrees: “I’m a businessman. I’ve made money my whole life. I look at this strictly as business, and this definitely does allow people to market whatever they want to market, in a very different way than we’ve ever seen before. The fact that you can build things with sweat equity and not put in dollars does change the playing field. It just does.”

Watch the two new media leaders spar on how to properly build a brand and develop an online following in this week’s “Social Media is Overrated” debate in its entirety.


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