Press Release Headlines to Learn From

It’s the holiday season and the one chance I get to catch up on industry news, bloggers I follow and other social media – not that I’m active on a regular basis, I just read the important stuff first.

The question is how do I decide what the important stuff is?  Just like any reporter, and pretty much anyone, I look for the headline or the subject line of the email.  If it doesn’t look interesting or relevant to me, it’s trashed immediately.  Same goes for your press release and media. If you’re pursuing public relations for your business, pay attention.  You can learn a lot if you just step back and think about it.  It’s time to stop drinking your own Kool-Aid.

This blog post is a great opportunity for you to start rethinking your PR strategies and campaigns.  If you’re not being successful its for one of two reasons:

1. There’s NO news – no one cares, yet you spent all this time writing a press release that no one is going to care about.

2. You’re using the much hated “Bowl of Spaghetti Theory” when it comes to PR.  You think more press releases are better and you just spam it to everyone trying to play the odds someone will pick it up, instead of focusing your efforts on those who may actually be interested.  Keep it targeted.

If you do one thing for your business this year, it’s learn about PR.  Not everyone can do it well and those who can’t should take the initiative to really understand the practice to be successful.

Bad Press Releases: 20 Worst Headlines Ever

This just in. The headline is the most important part of your press release. Apparently, many have forgotten that rule. Today, we’re sharing 20 of the worst press release headlines we’ve seen recently.  It’s all part of our quest for better, more effective news releases.

But first, a couple of thoughts about headlines. A great headline gets read by a newsroom editor, reporter, radio news director or TV assignment editor. If your headline is bad, it’s in the trash instantly! Literally or electronically.

Read more…

One Response to “Press Release Headlines to Learn From”
  1. timz3 says:

    Great read. You should check out these free resources from Cision

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