Twitter the New CNN

When you’re in PR you have one eye or ear on the news while conducting work for clients.  It’s tricky but I suppose it’s a good thing I’m a multi-tasker. Using social media has made it even easier for me to keep up on the news.  I literally get all my headlines on Twitter and … Continue reading

Social Media for Business – Thoughts Confirmation

I recently had the opportunity to speak to a networking group about how small businesses should use social media. I spent a couple weeks thinking about what I was going to present, the topics that I was going to cover, and most importantly I wanted this not to be your typical “here’s how you use … Continue reading

Recommended Reading for SMB

Just a collection of some valuable online stories that all small business owners should read.  I picked up this collection through Twitter. Three Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog Free Apps for Monitoring Your Brand on Social Media Six Laws of Small Business Advertising Twitter Tips for Small Business Why Your Business Needs a Policy … Continue reading

Marketing Failing? Rethink How You Deliver Company Messages

It seems that lately I’ve been talking to a lot of people about their marketing and it’s failure for a company.  Marketing is a science and one that every small business owner must really, truly understand before pursuing.  The reason that people like me actually get a degree in this stuff is so that we … Continue reading

Bowl of Spaghetti Theory Wastes Time and Focus for Small Biz

There are so many ways to market your business today, mostly thanks to the Internet.  Chris Nastav has made some great points on Small Business Daily about many of these online networking opportunities and, I agree, that many have become quite a fad.  One that has some business owners spending hours a day simply managing … Continue reading

How Do Blogs Make My Company Money?

A blog can your increase your business in one or a combination of primarily three ways. 1. You get a huge following to your blog and people wonder about who the author is and what they do. Their curiosity leads them to click on your “About Us” page on the blog. From there, if you … Continue reading

What Super Bowl Ads Can Teach Small Business

I admit, I really didn’t care who played or won yesterday’s Super Bowl (Go Bears!) instead I hope for an exciting game (which we got) and…..the commercials. One thing that really interested me was the way the ads really reflected what’s going on in the U.S. right now.  Think about this:  how many ads did … Continue reading

BRAND: What’s in a name

What’s in a name, you ask?  EVERYTHING The name of your company and the supporting statement  or positioning statement as we call it, should communicate immediately what your company is and what it has to offer.  To often I see business names that are established but I cannot tell what their business does.  For example … Continue reading

2009 New Year’s Web Site Advice – Change Your Site!!

Do you want your Web site to show up in Google and Yahoo? Higher than your competitors? For the new year, why not institute a simple change management process for your site. You’ll be amazed at the results! This is not a complex process. Simply change a paragraph of text content on the home page … Continue reading

Why An Integrated Marketing Plan is Key to Building Your Business

Every day we’re bombarded by messages.  Recently my grocery store put in TVs at the checkout and in the produce department.  Not only am I suppose to be getting the latest celebrity news and recipes from hot chefs but I’m also absorbing all of the product placement ads.  There’s one thing that major companies have … Continue reading

More Proof Why You Need to Make a Marketing Push Now!

  In reference to my last post on making a marketing push during economic down times, I wanted to post an excerpt from an industry marketing publication to re-itterate that other professionals will tell you to do the same (Just in case any of you thought that I was nuts for making the suggestion!).  This … Continue reading

BRANDNG-What’s in a name?

Building a strong brand means having a single point of distinction in your category.  Define your message and focus only on that one aspect of singular distinction. For example strong brands we all know like : Coca-Cola ®  – “It’s The Real Thing” Or Miller Lite ®  – Less filling, tastes great” If you don’t … Continue reading

Who Really Owns Your Domain Name?

Do you own the domain name for your company? To answer this question, rephrase it to this…..Are you, the owner of your company, the administrative contact for your domain name? If not, you really don’t own your domain name, the person who is the adminstrative contact owns the domain name. That can be a very … Continue reading


What is it? Why is it important?  And how do you make your brand stand out in a market crowded with your competitors?  We work a six step process with our clients to help them understand key brand issues and the importance of getting it right the first time. In this series of posts on … Continue reading

What is a brand? How does one brand their business, company, etc?

Branding is defined as: creating an automatic recognition and emotional feeling towards a product, company or event by using consistent messaging through several marketing elements.  Now, take a minute and think back to your childhood and the products that stick out most in your mind; the things that were always around the house; the things … Continue reading