Article Published In KC Small Business Magazine

Yeah, I’m now published. LOL!. Ok, so it’s just a local business magazine. At least it’s a start. Check out my recent article in in the January online issue of KC Small Business. Chris Nastav 913-908-5642 KC Web Specialists, LLC. Experts in how business gets done on the Internet. Advertisements

FamilyPreneurship: 10 Tips for Working with Family

Becoming an entrepreneur is hard enough as it is, but imagine owning a small business and you need to discuss a problem with an employee… and it’s your little brother. When you throw family into the mix it becomes even more complicated to effectively run a business.  There’s an emotion level not found in other … Continue reading

Women – Time to Take The Plunge

There are more women entrepreneurs in the U.S. today than ever before, but until the recent worldwide financial crisis, it was still a different set of rules for women than for men. Can women entrepreneurs come out of the global recession having reset those rules? Absolutely! Before the onset of this economic breakdown, women entrepreneurs … Continue reading

Are You an Asker or Guesser?

A powerful element to help you decide who you are in business and in life, this article strikes at the heart of your success. Are You an Asker or a Guesser? Good Blog Patrick James May 11, 2010 For those who find the odd bit of behavioral psychology as interesting as I do, take a … Continue reading

Does Your Website Support Your Sales Staff?

They’re out there on a daily basis, toiling the phones, beating the street, flying the skies, meeting and greeting, chasing the buck, etc, etc.  How well does your Website support sales representatives needs? Have you asked them lately what do they think of your Company site? One simple thing like a photo gallery of updated products … Continue reading

Why Doesn’t My Web Developer Call Me Back?

I have this discussion almost on a daily basis. People really liked their Web developer when he/she first built their Website a few years back. Since then though it’s been a constant up hill battle to get updates done to their site. Why is that, they ask? It’s really a pretty simple business reason. Web … Continue reading

Online Social Media Mistakes for Small Business

There are soooo many different online social media sites out there, it gets very confusing doesn’t it? Over time I’ve made it a point to read a bunch of different tips and pieces of advice about using these tools for small business.   Here’s what I’ve found are some pretty common sense suggestions to consider … Continue reading

The Perfect Interview Question

How to Tell If A Candidate Is An Ideal Fit For Your Company Wouldn’t it be great to ask one specific question that uncovers at least four areas of your candidate’s general personality, giving you an idea of their overall behaviors, traits and values? Well, you can. On your next interview guide the conversation towards … Continue reading

Top 10 Reasons To Start Your Business In A Down Economy

Everything is cheaper – From raw materials to real estate, these are the lowest prices you’ll see. You can hire more and better-qualified people – Obviously… People are looking to change suppliers if they can find one offering a better product or service for a lower price. Ownership equals tax incentives related to business deductions … Continue reading

Twitter and the Bottom Line for a Service Business

Hey folks, cynical Sam here. Still looking for a answer to a question that has yet to yield a simple answer. Q. Can I use Twitter or any online social media to improve the bottom line of my “Local Service” business? A. So far as I can discern, no one has positive proof that I can. What … Continue reading

Getting started in your business…

Or Don’t Spend a Dollar When a Dime Will Do – Starting small is a slower path, but it’s also a safer way of building both a sustainable business and a long career as an entrepreneur. Plenty of well-known companies have started small. Space inside Kinko’s first store was reportedly so tight that founder Paul … Continue reading

Effective Delegation in Six (Almost) Easy Steps

Delegation is more than just a way of getting people to do things for you. It is also a powerful leadership and coaching tool. When used properly, delegation enables you to increase productivity and profitability, improve morale and increase retention. Perhaps most important for overworked and overstressed entrepreneurs, it allows you to enjoy professional success … Continue reading

What You Might Learn From An Exit Interview

Want to hear unfiltered feedback about your company? Try using an Exit Interview. This exit survey focuses on the issues that come into play when an employee decides to leave a company. The survey will help employers understand the factors that are involved. It focuses on issues dealing with the manager, job, and overall satisfaction. … Continue reading

Top 10 Most Common Mistakes that Entrepreneurs Make

No Business Plan – If you rely on instinct to guide your business instead of a written plan, you’re headed for trouble. A plan helps you see where your company is, where it’s going, why and how you’re doing along the way. 2. No Sales Plan – Without a sales plan, you lack the ability … Continue reading

Sourcing External Advice to Grow Your Business

I was chatting to some friends of mine during the week about my “Growing the Family Business” post.  The conversation was about the fact that many small business owners simply don’t have the skills, or sometimes even the confidence, to interview and identify candidates that might be the right fit for their business.  In a … Continue reading

Top 10 Reasons to Write a Business Plan – Part One

You have a GREAT idea for a new business – one that you’re convinced will be the next BIG thing and your raring to go. But wait – an advisor you respect and trust has told you that you MUST have a Business Plan before you proceed. Do you listen to her? Here are my … Continue reading

Making Time to Network

If you consider yourself serious about growing your business through networking, you should ask yourself: 1. How much time will I dedicate to networking each week? 2. What % of my marketing budget will I dedicate to word of mouth? 3. How many meals each week will I eat with someone else? 4. How many … Continue reading

Become a Catalyst

In networking, there are 3 kinds of people – those who wait and watch for things to happen, those who make things happen, and those who wonder what the heck just happened. A catalyst is one who makes things happen. Without a catalyst, there is no spark and nothing much gets done. There are 3 … Continue reading

Is Coaching Effective?

Some research findings… You be the judge. Research by the International Personnel Management Association (IPMA), results of which were published in January 2001, concluded that “ordinary training typically increased productivity by 22%, while training combined with life coaching increased productivity by 88%” “Between 25 percent and 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies use executive coaches” … Continue reading

Goals and Accountability

They go hand in hand – Goals describe the desired outcome or achievement – accountability makes it measurable, verifiable, and public. Why should one be accountable after setting a goal? Isn’t it enough to say to yourself “I’m going to … by the end of the week/month/year? No – it’s not enough. You know the … Continue reading