SpikeTV and SCORE Offer New Resource for Food Entrepreneurs

SpikeTV —  which just launched its Sunday night series “Bar Rescue” — and SCORE the non-profit small business mentoring association, have customized a toolkit called “Serve Up Success” available free of charge at http://www.score.org/restaurants/spike-tv-serve-up-success   in order to help aspiring entrepreneurs and struggling businesses find success despite this challenging economic climate. The toolkit is particularly timely as … Continue reading

Hippo Eats Dwarf – Amazing Story

Ok, so how many of you actually believed this story? Come on! It’s on the Internet so it has to be true. Right? This story first appeared in 1999 and has since been widely spread across the Internet. If you want to read more about this fabulous farce check it out on snopes.com For those … Continue reading

Article Published In KC Small Business Magazine

Yeah, I’m now published. LOL!. Ok, so it’s just a local business magazine. At least it’s a start. Check out my recent article in in the January online issue of KC Small Business. Chris Nastav 913-908-5642 KC Web Specialists, LLC. Experts in how business gets done on the Internet. http://www.kcwebspecialists.com

Google Has Changed Again! Why?????

Well folks, looks like Google has decided to tinker around with their search results screen. Again!!!   Apparently they are not making enough money (all employees got a 10% raise and $1,000 bonus). What they felt they needed to do was make the sponsored link or Pay Per Click areas even more prominently displayed.   Before … Continue reading

Ten Ways to Make “Some” Potential Customers Hate Your Website

As most of you know I have some pretty strong opinions about what should or should not go on a Website. But you know what? The only opinion that really matters, is what you the business owner of the Website want. Correct? Well actually, no! The only opinions that really matter, are what your potential … Continue reading

Do People Owe Your Business Money? – Should You Hire a Mobster? No!!!!!!!

Most businesses today have clients that are good people, who want to pay their outstanding balances, but they just can’t seem to pull enough cash together to write that check. What should you do? No, do not hire someone like Luca Brasi. Something much simpler (and legal) is to use a tool like Pay Pal, … Continue reading

FamilyPreneurship: 10 Tips for Working with Family

Becoming an entrepreneur is hard enough as it is, but imagine owning a small business and you need to discuss a problem with an employee… and it’s your little brother. When you throw family into the mix it becomes even more complicated to effectively run a business.  There’s an emotion level not found in other … Continue reading

Women – Time to Take The Plunge

There are more women entrepreneurs in the U.S. today than ever before, but until the recent worldwide financial crisis, it was still a different set of rules for women than for men. Can women entrepreneurs come out of the global recession having reset those rules? Absolutely! Before the onset of this economic breakdown, women entrepreneurs … Continue reading

Are You an Asker or Guesser?

A powerful element to help you decide who you are in business and in life, this article strikes at the heart of your success. Are You an Asker or a Guesser? Good Blog Patrick James May 11, 2010 For those who find the odd bit of behavioral psychology as interesting as I do, take a … Continue reading

Social Media Consulting Company’s Use Scare Tactic Marketing??

Are you considering hiring an online social media consulting company for your business? Before you do, evaluate how they are approaching you about their services. Are they trying to scare you into buying their services? Here are a few questions to consider when evaluating online social media consulting companies. 1. Are they using scare tactic … Continue reading

But Wait!!! How Much Would You Pay?

I have a new client. He’s had his domain name 2 days. He got a call from a Web optimization company, saying for the low low price of only $58 per MONTH they would make his domain information private so he didn’t get spammed or sales calls. LOL!!! GoDaddy offers the ability to make your domain name name … Continue reading

Social Online Media “Experts”

Folks, this is not a post bashing online social media experts. What it is are some things to think about when someone comes to you selling online social media services…….. There’s a growing flock of people out there calling themselves social media “experts”. What’s interesting is that none of these “Experts” have been at it … Continue reading

My Favorite Pieces of Website Advice

As I’ve worked with many small business owners over the last few years, I’ve developed some lines that seem to work well. Of course I won’t be sharing those lines that didn’t seem to work so well 😦   But here are a few pieces of advice related to a Website for you to take, or leave, as you see … Continue reading

A Simple Plan for Small Businesses and Social Online Media

So many business owners are struggling with social online media for their business. Their struggle is not how to use the tools. Those are free and easy to work in. The struggle is how do they effectively use these tools to help their business. To add some clarity to your businesses online social media plan, I suggest … Continue reading

How Do I Get People To Read My Online Newsletter?

As I now approach two years of writing newsletters, I’m finding that about 43% of the people I send them to, on average, open and read them. And, about 25% of those who read them, click the links that I occasionally put in them as well. With that said, those that know me well, know that I always want to … Continue reading

The Perfect Interview Question

How to Tell If A Candidate Is An Ideal Fit For Your Company Wouldn’t it be great to ask one specific question that uncovers at least four areas of your candidate’s general personality, giving you an idea of their overall behaviors, traits and values? Well, you can. On your next interview guide the conversation towards … Continue reading

Top 10 Reasons To Start Your Business In A Down Economy

Everything is cheaper – From raw materials to real estate, these are the lowest prices you’ll see. You can hire more and better-qualified people – Obviously… People are looking to change suppliers if they can find one offering a better product or service for a lower price. Ownership equals tax incentives related to business deductions … Continue reading

Twitter and the Bottom Line for a Service Business

Hey folks, cynical Sam here. Still looking for a answer to a question that has yet to yield a simple answer. Q. Can I use Twitter or any online social media to improve the bottom line of my “Local Service” business? A. So far as I can discern, no one has positive proof that I can. What … Continue reading

Effective Delegation in Six (Almost) Easy Steps

Delegation is more than just a way of getting people to do things for you. It is also a powerful leadership and coaching tool. When used properly, delegation enables you to increase productivity and profitability, improve morale and increase retention. Perhaps most important for overworked and overstressed entrepreneurs, it allows you to enjoy professional success … Continue reading

Website Budget versus Marketing Budget?

This is going to be a relatively short post, but one that hopefully inspires some long thoughts on the topic. A Website should complement your marketing plan, a Website by itself is not a marketing plan. With that said……. In my humble opinion, when you are budgeting for a Website, always spend more time and money … Continue reading