Do People Owe Your Business Money? – Should You Hire a Mobster? No!!!!!!!

Most businesses today have clients that are good people, who want to pay their outstanding balances, but they just can’t seem to pull enough cash together to write that check. What should you do? No, do not hire someone like Luca Brasi. Something much simpler (and legal) is to use a tool like Pay Pal, … Continue reading

But Wait!!! How Much Would You Pay?

I have a new client. He’s had his domain name 2 days. He got a call from a Web optimization company, saying for the low low price of only $58 per MONTH they would make his domain information private so he didn’t get spammed or sales calls. LOL!!! GoDaddy offers the ability to make your domain name name … Continue reading

More Tech Tips: Manage Cash Flow in Your Small Business

You know, sometimes I used to kick myself when at a function and someone would invariably ask “So, what do you do?”, and automatically I launched in to terms like infrastructure management, managed services, virtualisation, IT procurement…ho hum….are you bored yet?  Probably. People aren’t really interested about what business I’m in, they genuinely want to know … Continue reading

Seven Tips for Avoiding Costly Payroll Problems

Guest Post By Michael Alter, President of SurePayroll It’s no secret that small business owners are busy.  That’s why payroll and other administrative tasks, though important, are often done quickly or pushed off until the last minute in favor of more pressing items. Although these tasks often end up on the bottom of a business … Continue reading

Choosing Your Legal Structure

Have you revisited your legal structure lately?  Most business owners start out a a sole proprietorship because it is the easiest entity to operate.  However, after putting some thought and consideration into the different options, many change their structure.  There are a number of different structures that may be more suitable, including S-corporation, LLC, C-corporation, … Continue reading