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We’re excited to hear from you!  We want to answer your questions and make this blog a one-stop-shop for small businesses.  You can also become part of our growing distribution list and can soon get information sent straight to your inbox.  Or maybe you would like to speak directly with our experts to find out how they can benefit your business.  We invite you to email us at:

smallbizexperts (at) live (dot) com

Please denote the person you’d like to direct your email to in the “Subject” line, and we’ll answer your questions here.

For media requests and to interview any of our experts, please email (NOT A PR CONTACT.  You will be blocked):  cascadecomms (at) hotmail (dot) com

NoteIf you are a publicist, we strongly encourage you to please read our blog before sending pitches.  Very few things are relative to our mission.  We appreciate you taking the time to get to know us first.

2 Responses to “Contact us”
  1. smallbizexperts says:

    Hi, Diane,

    We are definitely looking for someone who can contribute regularly on sales – how to sell, what is selling, why you need to actively sell yourself, products, services and company, measurement, setting sales goals and SO MUCH MORE. Let me know if you’re still interested.


  2. brandon says:

    we are in Grand Island Neb. ok and ive found a location by the mall it used to be bbq place so anyway. ive seen the books when the owner was thier it did really good. im going in as bbq and more thinking its better ok this mit sound dumb but thier is one other one and its high priced ive done cook offs and company parties lots of complments so i think im going for it any advise would really be nice thanks so much..

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