Quarterly Revenue Planning

It’s the beginning of a new quarter – the last of the financial year for most businesses here in Australia.  So in the last few days I completed my usual start-of-quarter routine:  Setting revenue objectives.  I thought I’d share this relatively simple process with you because I find it extremely useful in identifying areas I … Continue reading

Your Own Business Now: How to Make a Shift from Thinking and Talking About Starting Your Dream Business to Taking Action

Thinking and talking about your own dream business is definitely fun. It’s a safe way of playing a game My Dream Business. And that’s where a lot of people get stuck, some of them forever. So how do you create a shift from dreaming and fantasizing to planning and doing? These seven simple steps will … Continue reading

Eat That Frog or How To Deal With Procrastination

Procrastination is an issue every, and I mean every solopreneur, has to deal with, at least to some extent. In my business coaching practice I have not yet met a solopreneur who did not have an issue with putting things off, at least occasionally. So if you are struggling with it, don’t feel bad, you’re … Continue reading