Press Release Headlines to Learn From

It’s the holiday season and the one chance I get to catch up on industry news, bloggers I follow and other social media – not that I’m active on a regular basis, I just read the important stuff first. The question is how do I decide what the important stuff is?  Just like any reporter, … Continue reading

Great Vlog for DIY PR

I’ve been following Seth Odell for awhile and have really come to love his vlog, As Media Changes.  He does a great job at providing valuable information in a hip format (it’s not just a talking head for three minutes, but cleverly edited to keep you engaged).  I highly suggest you all follow his vlog … Continue reading

Don’t Spam Editors: Five Tips to Earn Their Respect

For small businesses DIYing PR there are three things that they have to learn to do well so be successful: 1. Tell their story – in effect, writing a strong press release 2. Effectively pitching media 3. Following up with media with respect The last of these seems to be the one that most DIYers … Continue reading