Amending Your Agreement

Because a business is a living thing, it is often necessary to amend your operating agreement or shareholder agreement. Many people think that once it is in place, the members are bound by what they initially agreed to. That is not the case. Your agreement is entirely internal to the company so any changes need … Continue reading

Business Contracts

Last week, we talked about the contracts you enter into when purchasing your house. In the business world, you life fills up with contracts very quickly. If you own your own business, the biggest contract you will enter into will likely involve the space in which you operate. That will be a lease or purchase … Continue reading

Choosing Your Legal Structure

Have you revisited your legal structure lately?  Most business owners start out a a sole proprietorship because it is the easiest entity to operate.  However, after putting some thought and consideration into the different options, many change their structure.  There are a number of different structures that may be more suitable, including S-corporation, LLC, C-corporation, … Continue reading