Media’s Feelings About PR Effect Small Biz DIYers

Over the years, I’ve heard over and over the conversation about how journalists hate PR professionals, and essentially anyone calling to pitch their story. It’s enough to leave a novice PR pro shaking in their boots to call media. I, personally, have never had a problem because I worked in the media.  I know what … Continue reading

Amateur Journalists May Not Recognize Ethics of Journalism

I came across this article today and felt it important to share. When I graduated journalism school I took a code of ethics as a journalist and publicist.  However, the dynamic of journalism has changed greatly and more and more every people are becoming “amateur journalists” starting blogs, and becoming thought leaders amongst key audiences. … Continue reading

Be Prepared for Anything When It Comes to Media Interviews

You’ve written the press release, pitched media your story and now a journalist wants to interview you.  The story could be a feature on you and your business or it could be a trend story a journalist is considering including you in.  Either way, much like you would for a job interview, you have to … Continue reading