$30 Million Small Business Lending Boost

Senate Votes to Include $30 Billion Lending Fund in Small Business Aid Package The controversial amendment is now part of a bill that could go before the Senate next week. By Courtney Rubin |  Jul 23, 2010 Small business lending may get a boost thanks to a controversial $30 billion fund for community banks. The Senate … Continue reading

More Tech Tips: Manage Cash Flow in Your Small Business

You know, sometimes I used to kick myself when at a function and someone would invariably ask “So, what do you do?”, and automatically I launched in to terms like infrastructure management, managed services, virtualisation, IT procurement…ho hum….are you bored yet?  Probably. People aren’t really interested about what business I’m in, they genuinely want to know … Continue reading

What’s Up With the Economy?

Every day, we hear all these economic statistics thrown around. How do they affect our small businesses? We are particularly focused on small business this week as it is National Small Business Week. Today, for example, there was a new release by the Federal Reserve. It didn’t contain very good news. The Fed now believes … Continue reading

Small Businesses Who Use Credit Cards Protected By New Legislation

Small businesses have been forced to use business credit cards during the recession to pay their bills and add to their capital needs since funding from banks has been virtually non-existent. There is good news and bad news about business credit cards and small business finance. First, the good news. The U.S. House of Representatives … Continue reading

SBD Welcomes New Finance Contributor, Rosemary Peavler

We at Small Business Daily are excited to welcome Finance expert Rosemary Peavler as a new contributor.  Her background and experience is unrivaled.   “My finance background is pretty broad – corporate, small business, investments, entrepreneurial finance………you name it, I’ve probably written about it and studied it!” As the writer/editor/producer for the small business finance website … Continue reading