Save time with the Cloud

What’s the one thing we’re all given for free, but once it’s spent, we can never get it back? It’s time, of course.  I can’t believe it – almost twelve months have passed since my last post.  It’s not been entirely a result of procrastination mind you:  In that twelve months I’ve moved interstate, changed … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolution: Surf Responsibly

Happy New Year loyal readers and followers! It’s not only a new year, of course – it’s the beginning of a new decade!  And, having had some spare time recently, I set myself to thinking about what this decade might be remembered for with regards to business technology. Amongst other things, the “noughties” will be remembered for the rise … Continue reading

Digital Hoarder?: Online Backup can Capture Critical Business Information

Every time I move house I realise how much “stuff” I have.  You know, it’s the stuff that lives in boxes in the closet, and under the bed, and in the garage.  Stuff I just shift from one location to the next even though it has no immediate purpose.  Yet I don’t want to throw … Continue reading

How to Buy Technology: 3 Tips for SMBs

Thanks to one of  my Twitter friends, I came across a great article written by Nick Saalfeld of the True Business blog titled “How to buy technology”.  Nick is both a journalist and a small business owner and manages to succinctly summarise in one article what I, and many of my colleagues, have been advising to small and medium … Continue reading

Free Learning Tools to Make Your Business More Tech Savvy

It’s astounding how many fantastic free resources are made available by some of the big technology vendors out there.  It’s even more astounding to discover how many people fail to utilise, or even know about, these resources! So in this post, let me introduce you to a couple of resources you never knew about.  These … Continue reading

When Good Enough Will Do: The “MP3 Effect”

I read a very interesting article in this month’s Wired magazine (which can also be found online) about the “MP3 effect”; i.e. the current trend towards cheap and simple being good enough. It’s been coined the “MP3 effect” because MP3s are a classic example of the principle in practice: Digital music files have become popular … Continue reading

Keep Track of Projects and Improve Customer Service in Your Small Business

Over the past few months I’ve written several posts about enhancing customer experience and managing customer information.  I recently came across this great article by Andrew Brook-Holmes of Microsoft UK which follows the same theme.  His article gives some great practical advice on using technology available to most small businesses in response to this question from a small business … Continue reading

More Tech Tips: Manage Cash Flow in Your Small Business

You know, sometimes I used to kick myself when at a function and someone would invariably ask “So, what do you do?”, and automatically I launched in to terms like infrastructure management, managed services, virtualisation, IT procurement…ho hum….are you bored yet?  Probably. People aren’t really interested about what business I’m in, they genuinely want to know … Continue reading

Time Saving Tech Tip: Stop Using Sticky Notes

Are you a stickynoteaholic?  If so, it might be time to look at how technology can break your habit and offer more benefits without the glue! Yes…yes…we have all been guilty at one time or another of plastering our nice 19” widescreen LCDs with sticky notes.  But when your excitement over getting a larger screen … Continue reading

You Don’t Need a Blackberry for Mobile Email in Your Small Business

A few months back I discussed ways to enhance customer experience. One point was about responsiveness to customer enquiries – often a sore point for small business owners spending much time on the road and not so much in front of their computer and office phone.  A simple step towards increasing responsiveness, I suggested, was … Continue reading

Congratulations to SBD Tech Contributor

We, at Small Business Daily, want to congratulate our technology contributor, Clayton Moulynox and his company Evolve IT Australia which recently bested hundreds of competitors from all over the world by showcasing a local solution  selected as a 2009 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference Awards winner for Small Business Specialist Partner of the Year. Evolve IT’s … Continue reading

The Hype Around Windows 7: What Does it Really Mean for My Small Business?

I have just returned from the Microsoft World Partner Conference in New Orleans.  It’s fair to say there is a lot of excitement brewing around Microsoft’s new desktop operating system, Windows 7 (it’s still in release candidate, you can’t actually buy the final product yet).  However, I’m pleased to say it isn’t just Microsoft blowing … Continue reading

How to Know You Need a Better Way to Manage Customer Information

In my last post I discussed ways that small businesses can utilise technology solutions to enhance their customer experience.  One of those enhancements was around storing and tracking your customer information.  I see lots of small businesses using Excel spreadsheets or their basic accounting system, like MYOB or Quickbooks, as the main database for customer information.  … Continue reading

Enhance Customer Experience to Win Business in the Down Turn

In a down turn, large businesses slash staff which often leads to poorer customer service – for the small business owner it’s easier than ever to win over these disgruntled customers and increase your market share. It’s a massive advantage to be a small business in this current economic climate.  Small businesses are generally more … Continue reading

Don’t Rely on your IT Guy

My heading might appear to be a strange statement to make considering I run an IT company.  But I stand by it.  Let me explain:  Many small businesses I come across are initially hesitant to meet with me or my staff.  “But we already have an IT guy”, they declare.  And indeed they do;  It’s … Continue reading