Increase Your Small Business Internet Presence

I’ve been telling people there are five important things that Google looks for with regards to where they put company’s in their organic or native search results area. One of the five things is that your company needs to be bigger on the Internet than just your Website.  At that point people go.. huh???

So I try to clarify and say that you need, as a business owner, to have as many links as you can to your Website anywhere you can find on the Internet.  People than say… Ok Chris, how do I do that??

I then rattle off a litany of locations that businesses can put links to their sites. LinkedIn, Facebook, Plaxo, Merchant Circle, etc, etc, etc.

But darn it, people still want more places. LOL!  I then tell them to go to Google and type in what their business does and see what comes up. There’s always lots of directories where they can list themselves. But then they ask.. well, what else can I do? LOL, still more you ask……

Well here’s a new one that I just learned the other day (thank you Diane Stewart with ) Diane in her day to day activities is out reading tons of blogs. What she now does is comment on the blogs she reads and puts a link back to her Web site. Wow!!! What a great idea!

Google loves the technology behind blogs and finds blog entries easy to read. So if you’re out there reading blog posts (Like this one… :-)   Write a comment and put a link back to your business Website in that comment.  If the comment is relevant to the post and not just a blatant sales pitch for your company, it might actually get accepted. AND, tada… you have just increased the size of your business on the Internet with a link back to your business Website.


Chris Nastav

KC Web Specialists, LLC.
Experts in how business gets done on the Internet.

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