How the Internet Can Up Your Chances of Generating PR

The Internet has done great things for our lives.  Seriously, think about waking up tomorrow without it!  Not only has it allowed us the opportunity to find news and information, resources and more, it’s given little stores across the world the chance to have customers around the world.  We’re no longer tied to doing business … Continue reading

Make a Good Interview and Drive More Media

So, you want to get PR for your business or organization but are you prepared to be a “good interview”?  It’s not enough to secure opportunities with media to drive business, you also have to be prepared to do a good interview; one that can lead to additional stories. For me, there’s nothing better than … Continue reading

First Step In PR Success is Knowing the Media

I am often surprised by the number of small business owners that don’t know where their customers get their news.  It is, after defining your demographic (read: customer), the most important thing you can do to be successful at generating PR.  So what do you do?  You start reading, listening and watching media.  In particular … Continue reading