Grow Business in 2009, Existing Customers the Answer

My goal this month has been to discuss ways to market and grow your business in 2009, and there is no doubt that one of the most important things you need to do for success this year is to retain current customers. I’ve been having a number of conversations with folks as of late on … Continue reading

Phenomenal Internet Usage Stats – 1 Billion!!

If there was ever a doubt about the wave of the future and where you’d better be focusing your business advertising check out these numbers. Comscore reported last week that the total global internet audience (age 15 and older from home and work computers) surpassed 1 billion visitors in December 2008. The Asia-Pacific region accounted … Continue reading

Marketing and Thriving in 2009

Chances are pretty good that right now many of you are thinking about and looking for information on how to keep a small business thriving during a recession.  (It’s a good thing you found Small Business Daily!) If you haven’t sat down and thought about this one thing, then you should:  It’s times like this … Continue reading

BRAND: What’s in a name

What’s in a name, you ask?  EVERYTHING The name of your company and the supporting statement  or positioning statement as we call it, should communicate immediately what your company is and what it has to offer.  To often I see business names that are established but I cannot tell what their business does.  For example … Continue reading

Is Coaching Effective?

Some research findings… You be the judge. Research by the International Personnel Management Association (IPMA), results of which were published in January 2001, concluded that “ordinary training typically increased productivity by 22%, while training combined with life coaching increased productivity by 88%” “Between 25 percent and 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies use executive coaches” … Continue reading

More on PR and Embracing Amateur Journalists

This is a great e-zine that I read regularly and invite you to do the same.  Simply sign up to have it delivered directly to your in box. On the topic of PR, this article will be helpful to all of you in pursuing PR and marketing for your business….tell me what you think about … Continue reading

Strongly Held Beliefs…

We all have them – some are called opinions – others are considered fact. When these pertain to people, in areas of professional performance or relationships, things get a little fuzzy. I often hear a client say “My boss is crazy” or “This employee is unmanageable” or “My teammate is out to make me look … Continue reading

How are you communicating to customers?

Everyone is looking to grow current number of customers, but it’s important to look at how you’re communicating with them,  if you’re communicating to them at all. If you aren’t communicating with customers on an ongoing basis how can you expect to grow your business, especially during economic times like this? To reach potential new … Continue reading

Shoppers Just Want to Have Fun

Are you selling a product or a service? If it’s not a mortuary service or something serious like that, consider adding just a little bit of levity to your Web site. Now before you get all serious on me and say something like.. “Not on my site you won’t”… Consider what Levity means.. frivolous or … Continue reading

Goals and Accountability

They go hand in hand – Goals describe the desired outcome or achievement – accountability makes it measurable, verifiable, and public. Why should one be accountable after setting a goal? Isn’t it enough to say to yourself “I’m going to … by the end of the week/month/year? No – it’s not enough. You know the … Continue reading

Resolution: Be An Expert In Your Field

When you think of those in your industry who appear to be the most successful, how do you define it?  Did they write a book?  Are they a regular contributor in industry publications or local news?  Do they have a radio show or are repetitively asked to offer comments for media interviews? Becoming an expert … Continue reading